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Firmware upgrade failed. Power off mid upgrade.

So terrible news! My dad was upgrading the firmware on his DR750S-2CH and his car cut the power on him mid upgrade. He plugged the camera in and turned the power on in his car but didn't turn on the engine. The power automatically turned off as it does if the engine isn't on. I had him reformat his SD card and put the firmware back on it and try again but the camera doesn't respond. The GPS and Power LEDs are illuminated but other than that it doesn't do much. I understand that this is a direct result of the power turning off when the firmware was being upgraded.

Is there anyway i can flash the firmware of the device? I don't see any ports on the device to attempt this. Is there a different file that i can put on the SD card that may be able to recover the device?


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    Marky Mark

    My next question for you guys is how does the device's memory work? Does it use the SD card for the device's operating system or is there an internal flash where it stores the OS and then the camera uses the SD card for storage? If the device powered off while the upgrade had started would this make the internal flash unreachable or unusable? Is there anyway of manually copying an OS to that internal flash by accessing it via a computer? I have mac, linux, and windows available and am familiar with the shell. If i could reach that memory i could do a disk dump or something similar.

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    Pradeep Manoharan

    I am in the same boat... Just now bricked my 750-1CH and i have emailed them about a solution

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