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Firmware Updated to Latest now cloud service doesn't work anymore

Dash cam was working seamlessly for months and months. Got a notification to say there was a new firmware available so downloaded it on my PC and copied to the SD card. Ran the firmware onto the dashcam now i have no cloud function at all.  i have checked all the settings and all are correct but even the dashcam now doesn't say cloud connected or cloud not available like it used too.

Any ideas ?? 

Also is there anyway to go back to the previous firmware as I'm 100% its due to this version. Another question how can I reset the dash cam back to factory settings as it was one thing I haven't tried. 


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    Robert Moran

    Same here. I ended up downgrading to V1.017 and it started working again. I also noticed the camera was extremely hot despite being in the garage. Once I downgraded it was cool to the touch no mater how long its been on.

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    Shawn C

    After uninstalling due to selling vehicle I'm just now reinstalling after about a year. Everything was working fine in previous vehicle. Now after installing (and updating firmware) I can't get the cam to show as online in cloud controls... doesn't change to blue or show as online. Can't live view or get push notifications. I can try the downgrade as stated above and see I guess.

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