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BlackVue dr750-2ch lte keeps disconnecting from cloud


I connected and configured a SIM card to my BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE, and I can connect to it occasionally using the smartphone app when the WiFi is off, so I suppose that the SIM card is functioning properly. But I keep getting a Disconnected then Connected notification to my phone very frequently:

I have FW version 3.19 (Release date: 2021-05-24)

This makes the cam pretty useless to me because the only reason I bought it is LTE in parking mode. Please assist.



I see that there are a few more posts about this from previous years: 1, 2, 3, but I don't see a solution in those threads.



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    I'm having the same problem with my 750-2ch LTE

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    Nhut Nguyen

    Same problem here with 750- 2CH LTE.

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    Maksim Lubko

    Amigo its from camera overheating . Put a small fan and hookup to solar panel so it spins when it sees sun and dont drain vehicle battery—-it solved my overheating issue here in California with 100F outside on direct sun

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    Walter Grimes

    Same here DR750x-plus, if it is overheating does it come back on when it cools down 

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    Maksim Lubko

    I thought to share some pictures how i did solar cooling... i uploaded to OneDrive since cant post pictures when commenting ( only when opening new post )!Ajs8IgV3YFOVgfkdhTtxexzWBCXo3Q

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    Mark Newton

    Same problem here. I question

    The heat theory, mine does it before it 

    Has a chance to get 

    Hot. Also does it with thee A/C turned down to very cool.








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    Muhannad Alsharif

    I can't connect to cloud at all, It worked couple of days but not anymore.

    I contacted the company they said you have to reinstall the App on your phone and make an update to camera, but still have the same problem, I can't connect to the cloud.


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    I have had same issue but resolved by Blackvue support,Thank you !
    It might help someone else so there you go :
    Step 1. Un-register camera from the account

    To unregister / delete camera from your cloud account, please follow the steps below:

    1. On your phone, open the Blackvue App and choose "Cloud"

    2. Click on the 3 dots beside the dashcam name > Choose "Delete".

    Steps 2  Update app and re-register camera.

     Log out from your Cloud account from the Blackvue app, Uninstall the Blackvue app, reboot smart phone to clear cache files, (very important in this procedure) Once phone has powered back on, install the Blackvue app once again, Log in,

    Steps 3 Sim card activation

    Please make sure phone is connected to the  internet or hotspot and follow screenshot below to activate sim card 
     After activating the sim card monitor the camera for 30 minutes to 1 hour see if camera connects to Cloud.

    For simcard.
    It requires an active data only 4g Broad band sim card. Sim card should support LTE Band B1,B3,B7, B20.

    Please check with the network provider 


    If the representative ask, where are you going to use the sim card, tell them that you're going to use the sim card and will insert it to a unlock table 

    Unlocked means that the phone or tablet is not “locked” or restricted to be used with a particular cellular network provider

    Regarding wifi router connection issue. Please kindly check if your portable wifi does have a 2.4GHz and 5GHz option. If it does please make sure to set the hotspot to 2.4GHz. 
    Blackvue Support
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    Mark Allen

    I have the same issue and my belief is the company does not care. 

    I'm about to take the cameras out and look a replacement. The monthly cost

    is not worth it. Mine disconnects so often and even if I get it connected a few hours

    the hope I could record what happened if I took a trip and left the car at the airport

    will never work. The battery is good on a hot day about 20 hours max.

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