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DR-470 (2 units) both stopped recording video or in infinite boot loop



Very frustrating issues with my two DR470 (2 ch).


Both cameras stopped recording in both vehicles a few months ago. Since then I have:


updated the firmware

reformatted the factory 16GB microSD

bought NEW 16GB micro SDs

and nothing is resolving the issue.


Sometimes the camera will start recording 10 minutes into a drive. It used to start recording within 30 seconds or so of the car starting up.

Most of the time the camera just starts up with the pwr led(red) and gps led (blue) lit solidly.  then they turn off. then the power led comes back on followed blue the blue LED. Rinse and repeat indefinitely. 


How do I get these cameras working again? It is totally unacceptable for both products to fail after a few years when they just sit in the vehicles. 



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    If your BlackVue DR470 dashcams (two units) have stopped recording video or are stuck in an infinite boot loop Plus promo guide, it can be a frustrating issue to resolve. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can follow:

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