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Blackvue DR750G-2CH Sept 2021 Firmware Update 1.004

Basically in a nutshell, my Blackvue DR750G-2CH is not connecting to the cloud anymore. When I was running Firmware 1.002 everything seemed to be fine. Then there was a Firmware update to 1.003 where the issues first started. After contacting Blackvue, I was advised to "roll-back" to 1.002 as there were known issues with 1.003. I did this and everything worked fine again. Now in Sept 2021, there is a new Firmware update to 1.004. I was assured this will rectify the "known" issues in 1.003. So, I downloaded and updated to 1.004 only to find now my DR750G-2CH is again not connecting to the cloud. I have gone through all the settings and even deleted and removed all settings to start fresh as if my camera was brand new out of the box. Still no cloud connection. I am using a mobile modem and can see in it's settings that my DR750G-2CH is connected, but somehow it is not reaching the "Blackvue Cloud". I hope I have provided enough info to maybe get some help to resolve my issue. Please help me reconnect.....


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    Kim R

    Hello Simon! Apologies for the inconvenience. Please request firmware version 1.002 from our Customer Support Team ( while we are working on a fix of the issue. We will release another update that will address the issues with connectivity.

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    Robert Flournoy

    My 750 2channel LTE is not working. The front camera went out first and now all the lights are blinking. It won't even connect to the cloud

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