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Upgraded Firmware and Reformated SD card, now nothing works

My DR750S started telling me it was reformatting and to not disconnect the power. Did this for many days so I reformatted the SD card, loaded the latest firmware, reinserted into the camera. The camera then told me ' Upgrade in process, do not power off". It said this twice and then nothing. The white LED at the fornt of the camera is slowly flashing but thats all. I've reformatted and reloaded the card a second time but now the white LED just flashes. No voice messages and no other LED's light up.

Any ideas how to reset the camera or try something else.


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    Hello! There seems to be a problem during the formatting process. What was the last action you performed that prompted you to format the SD card? By the way, if the front security LED is flashing, it means that the NAND chip inside the camera could have been faulty. Other issues with the circuit board could be present, too. Either way, the camera needs to be sent for repair service.

    For technical assistance, leave us emails at Thank you!

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    That'd be good it technical support ever got back to us! I'm gong through the same stuff with my DR750

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