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DR900X-2CH optimal settings to reduce battery use in parking?

So I have a DR900X-2CH installed in my BMW 330i and I recently got a notification on my car stating that there was increased power consumption when stationary. I’m concerned the dash cam may be using up a lot of power because the recording feed in the app has videos from almost every minute even when there’s no motion. I’ve tried playing with the settings to limit the detection zone and the sensitivity but it doesn’t seem to do much. Does anyone have any advice on the optimal settings to reduce power usage in parking mode but still get good recording? Thanks in advance.


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    There is not much you can do, DR900X will consume basically the same power all the time no matter the settings (except disabling Wifi and LTE modem which will reduce a bit).

    Probably the best solution is a battery pack.

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    Matthew Carmody

    Are you certain it is going into Parking Mode? I had a similar problem with my wife's Audi - her camera never went into park mode. Check where your camera is getting power from: in a lot of cars there are two circuits going to the "Entertainment Unit", one unswitched and one switched with the ignition.

    I ended up using the interior lights circuit which gives a "soft off"after the car is locked. Works like a charm.

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