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Manual recording pre-record

I'm sure this has been suggested before but not recently as I can see. I only ever use the manual recording to essentially "flag" a period of time in the list of normal recordings. I almost always want the file that comes before the manual recording and it's easier to just find it when there is a manual recording listed after it.

I would like an option to be added that makes the manual recording save a separate instance of say the last 1-2 minutes instead of recording after the trigger. This would save a lot of hassle, thanks.


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    Hello! Thank you for your valuable suggestion. We will push this idea more to be included in future firmware updates. If you need more information, you can always send us emails at or visit our official website.

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    James Barnhill

    This would be an amazing feature, the 6 second pre record on a manual recording is far too short to be useful. 1-2 minutes pre and at least 30 seconds after manual recording would be awesome.

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