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iOS15 App 3.25 Direct WiFi Connection Impossible

iOS15 App Version 3.25
BlackVue750S-2CH Firmware Version 1.019
iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XS Max

With the latest app version, there is no way I can connect to my camera anymore using Direct WiFi, I have tried everything, (renaming WiFi SSID and changing password including back to default) but it still fails no matter what.

I have also followed the instructions here ( and it also does not work even though I have tried this for hours on numerous phones, I have now given up.

The only way I can view my files is through Cloud, which is very slow especially to download full sized videos.

Anybody else have the same issue?

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    Noel Cheok

    Here is the tested fix that restores Direct WiFi connectivity.

    • Rename SSID for camera connected through the cloud from the BlackVue app.
    • A single word without references to "BlackVue or Blackvue or blackvue", no spaces nor special characters. Example - "Apple".
    • Set password as usual, however I kept it simple by using 8 digits. Example - "05381237".
    • Connect to camera WiFi manually first (as usual).
    • Connect through BlackVue app.

    I tested this on 2 iPhones and 1 iPad, all successfully connected with the above method.

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