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Confused after buying a blackvue b-124e

So went on the blackvue website and purchased a blackvue b-124e expansion battery, for my B-124X. I then got an email to say, "Further to your order today for 1 x BlackVue B124E dash cam battery pack, I just wanted to make you aware that due to an error on our inventory system, we were showing the B124E as being in stock, when in fact it wasn’t. To avoid disappointment and inconvenience we have instead shipped you a Cellink EXT7+, which is the same product but sold under a different name. The BlackVue battery packs are manufactured by Cellink and re-branded as BlackVue - physically they are the same product, though the Cellink version has the added advantage of a USB charging connector for mobile devices". I'm confused, is the cellink EXT7, really the same as the b-124e?. Does it still connect to the blackvue B-124X?. What are the specs and specifications of the cellink EXT7 as I can't find this online. Many thanks.

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    Hello! This is BlackVue Customer Support Team - Main Office (South Korea). It seems that the Expansion Battery was not directly purchased from our main Online Shop ( If you purchase it from one of our business partners (, please contact them directly. We cannot provide you any information on the Cellink EXT7 Battery because we do not sell them.

    If you need technical assistance on BlackVue products, you can reach our Customer Support at

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