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DR900x-2ch + CM100LTE not connecting to cloud

I've bought two and they are not connecting to the cloud. I have at&t service for both of them 15gb of data and they were working perfectly until about a week ago both of them stopped working. They both have over 10gb of data at the moment.

The camera icon is just grayed out. I'm really hoping you all can resolve this because I've paid ALOT of money (ive also bought two blackvue battery magics) for this to not be working properly.

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    Hi, purchased a DR750X Plus and the CM100LTE here in the UK however I've had so many issues with the LTE unit that I've send it back. When it is connected to mobile, we use Vodafone here in the UK, it never let me access live view through the cloud. Frequently the 4g kept disconnecting after about a day, when it did my wifi connection also refused to connect.

    Given up..

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