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DR900S-2CH Not connecting to cloud

I'm from SG and I had updated my dashcam to the latest version of firmware. However I had problems connecting to the cloud few month ago (just managed to find time to look into the issue).

I called up the local support and was told that if my hotspot SSID contains any spaces, the dashcam will not connect to cloud. I did give it a try and true enough, after I changed the SSID, it works.

I'm here to share and feedback,

  1. Previous version of firmware did not have this issue.
  2. It doesn't really make sense that the dashcam will connect to the hotspot but not cloud on SSIDs that contain spaces.
  3. This would mean I have to change ALL other devices connecting to the previous SSID with space

I hope blackvue issues a fix for this issue as I reckon, then it's not a firmware upgrade but a downgrade.

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    спасибо, дельное замечание!

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