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DR900S-2CH Overheating & "No SD Card" Messages

My first professionally installed DR900S-2CH System failed 3 days short of the 1 year warranty.  The dash cam would randomly not power up and one day just failed to power up for good. Luckily it was replaced under warranty. 

The replacement DR900S worked flawlessly for about a year and a few months when suddenly it started to continuously give overheating messages and rebooting, despite the temperature only being in the 70's.  The Dash Cam would start working fine once the power cable was briefly disconnected & reconnected. This issue randomly continued for a few months until the problem message switched to either "No SD Card" or "Initializing SD Card" and continuously stuck rebooting.  I first reformatted the existing SD Card (FAT32) which fixed the issue for a few days, but then returned.  I replaced the SD Card with a new one with the same result.

As of this week, the replacement DR900s is stuck in a constant reboot loop stating "Initializing SD Card - Do not disconnect power".  


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