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900S Black Vue cloud does not work

I have the same problem.

Hotspots 1 till 3 are 100% correct.

But my DR900S-2CH is not connecting to my wifi hotspots.

Perhaps Black Vue can solve this bij sending me a new device??


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    Robert Hughes

    I have the same problem with a DR900S-1CH.  It connects to the office WIFI okay and shows up on the Blackvue Cloud.  But will not connect to my iPhone or iPad Hot Spot.  The SSID name and PW are correct because other devices connect to the iPhone and iPad just fine.    

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    Same 900X Plus 2 Ch on firm 1.03. Will connect to home WIFI but will intermittently connect to cars built-in WiFi. I must power off the camera by unplugging it then it will connect. The strange thing is if it is in the garage and on home wifi, it will connect to the car, but if connected to the car at power on it will not connect to any wifi till it is rebooted (unplugged)

    This seems to be a Camera software problem as I have 2 900X in 2 different cars and both have this issue.

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    I had an issue with my phones hotspot not connecting. I accidentally had an empty space after SSID and that caused it to not connect. Probably not the case for you but worth double checking.

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    Steele Nickle

    The odd thing is that it will connect to the vehicle if it is in the garage and linked to house wifi, but if it is attached to the car when it is turned on, it won't connect to any wifi until it is restarted (unplugged). boss

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