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BRAND NEW DR900-2CH wont even power on

Bought 2 new DR900-2CH for 400 pounds each while i was having a holiday in UK and brought them back to my home country.
Brought to blackvue dealer for installation and found out 1 out of the 2 cameras i bought would not power on.

Cant even believe what im seeing! Brand new fresh out of the box but does not even power on.
Tried interchanging power cables with the functioning camera but the faulty one would still not power up! 

Used blackvue for a good 6 years and never encountered issues. I see many other customers having the same issue with the 900 series too. Am i just unlucky that i received a faulty set or what? Even local dealer does not know what the issue is

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    its strange ! did you check all technical matters ?

    did you check by cigar power cable ,also ?  if you have cigar type ,plz check it once . it may because of power cable !

    it seems there is no power in line !

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