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Dr650s 2 channel system issues

Good morning hopefully someone will be able to help me as my blackvue camera is really testing me at the minute 🤬my issues are and it will work fine for a few days then for no reason at all just stops recording and powering up snd doesn't work again until i have taken the blackvue sd card out formatted it and then put itback together.Also when it powers up sometimes it saysthat the wifi isn't available but then other times is works fine 🤦‍♂️one last thingif i don't use my car for 36 hours the camera is completely draining the battery is this normal?

Hopefully someone can help me get to the bottom of my issues as it's a great piece of kit when its working properly 👍

Kind regards Paul 

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    Not sure about your first issue, but have your tried another SD card?

    The second issue is normal if don't have a battery monitor attach between power and camera, it's like leaving your car with the light on then.

    Blackvue have the following products
    It will cut the power to the camera when the battery is below X volts

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