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DR900X Plus only registers online in cloud viewer on reboot

  1. Turn on dashcam without LTE module or wifihotspot active
  2. Enable wifi hotspot on phone
  3. Dashcam connects to it -- I can see 1 device connected to hotspot on my phone and I can ping the ip address of the dashcam from my phone
  4. Dashcam stays offline in Cloud Viewer

I have to reboot the dashcam while phone's hotspot is enabled already for it register as online in cloud viewer.

Is there a way to get cam to show as online without having to reboot it?


Using latest 1.03 firmware


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    Downgrade firmware to 1.000. version 1.004 isno good either.

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    Looks like they pulled 1.003 and 1.004 off downloads page and only 1.000 is available now.

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