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Strange parking Mode recording


I have blackvue900xplus and external black box battery that allows camera to record up to 48 hours.

When I park my car in garage the camera quits recording after an hour. There is white light only and no blue or orange light. Why does the camera quit recording in parking mode even though it has power source?  Thanks


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    your recording setting was set on motion & impact ? 

    if yes, what about sensitivity ? it was sett on which level ?

    when you come back to your car , the camera is on or off ?

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    Amelia jhnson
    1. Motion detection sensitivity: The parking mode feature on some cameras uses motion detection to start recording when it detects movement around the vehicle. If the sensitivity is set too dispose high, it might trigger recordings for minor movements like passing pedestrians, wind-blown debris, or even shadows. Adjusting the sensitivity settings can help reduce false alarms.

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    Broderickson Sweeny

    Strange parking mode recording" typically refers to an unusual or unexpected recording event captured by a dashcam or security camera while the vehicle is parked. Parking mode recording is a feature commonly found in dashcams and some security cameras, especially those installed in vehicles. It allows the camera to continue recording even when the vehicle is turned off and parked. This feature is designed to capture events like accidents, vandalism, or theft while the vehicle is unattended.

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