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Auto upload of video after return to home wifi?

My BlackVue DR750X-3CH-PLUS is successfully connected to my home wifi, and the Cloud feature is enabled. I do not have it connected to a mobile hotspot while driving, however. Should the camera upload new videos to the cloud via my home wi-fi when I return from a drive? It does record as I drive, as expected, but wondered if it would upload my videos once connected to the Internet. Also, it doesn't even upload motion detection event videos while in the garage and connected to wi-fi. It should at least do that real time, shouldn't it? Thanks!


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    there is no able to upload the recorded files to the cloud ,after connecting to the internet !

    this function is processing exactly when the dashcam is online & has internet connection at that time .

    imagine , we parked our car in a place & an event happening or The car was stolen ! so the event need to upload exactly at that time to access it or stop that event soon ! but if it disconnect or no online ,then how we find or hear the push or access to the data when we need it in urgent .


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    Jeroen van Bergen

    This feature would be a great enhancement of usability of the cloud services. Now you have to use download the past event clips from the camera itself and upload to the cloud, while it would be a "one stop shop" if past event clips are uploaded afterwards while wifi is available.

    The arguments given are not applicable. If this function is designed the right way, the camera will upload afterwards if e.g. a public wifi is available and configured as a wifi connection. So if a car is stolen or an event happens at a parking lot, the event clips are uploaded as soon as wifi is available.

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