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900S-2CH Missing Files :(

Had a small accident last night, logged into the camera with my iPhone and found the file I needed so closed the app as I intended to re-visit and download the file in question today.

Today I log in and not only is the file I need missing (Actually there are NO 'Normal' recording files now, the file I need is not an 'Impact' file). I have tried logging in from my Mac via the viewer - no joy with the missing files so I removed the SD card and connected it directly - same.

I tried a data recovery option to see if the file (well, actually all 'Normal' files) had been deleted, couldn't find a thing.

Im sure it makes no difference but the file I am looking for is the Rear View, and was a 'Normal' recording.

All I can see now are 'Impact' Files, the file I need is a 'Normal'.

I have all of the viewers (I think) so could somebody let me know how I might recover the file in question please? its quite important as this will prove I am not to blame (the whole idea of having a posh camera like the Blackvue).

Oh, and there is nothing at all on the cloud.

iPhone app version: v3.28.3154

Camera FW: 1.015

T.I.A. Nik.


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