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Wifi fails to reconnect if connection lost (DR900X-2Ch Plus)

Since the last firmware update (1.005) on my DR900X-2CH Plus, the wifi doesn't reconnect to the cloud if the connection is lost, e.g. if the car's hotspot has no LTE internet connection or when leaving home and the home wifi disconnects. The LTE/WiFi LED is still lit but there is no longer an internet connection to the cloud. When the access point is available again, the camera doesn't reconnect to the wifi network. So cloud connectivity is no longer available. Only removing and reconnection power solves the problem temporarily (until connection is lost again).

Due to this behaviour live preview when the car is parked in front of the house, or any other place where the car's internet is available again, is no longer possible.

However, there is some internet connection to the coud because changing settings, renaming the camera or even a reboot of the camera still works fine.


Please fix...


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