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DR900X records continuously while parked in garage


I have DR900X installed in Tesla Model X. It's connected to permanent +12V so it can operate 24h.

It works perfectly if I park outdoors. After a while Blackvue notices from GPS that car is parked, and enters Parking mode. Then it only records if motion is detected.

However, if I park the car in my garage, it doesn't always detect it's parked. Garage has metal ceiling and walls, so the GPS signal is very weak. DR900X records continuously in "normal" (driving) mode. In the recordings I see that GPS speed is usually 0km/h but sometimes 1km/h or 2km/h flashes briefly, so I guess that's enough to make camera think the car is moving.

This can go on for hours. Last night it recorded from 20:00 yesterday until 10:00 today and still is recording. However it sometimes works better. It probably depends on the exact location in the garage how well GPS is received.

This is putting too much stress to my camera and microsd card.

So, questions...

- Is it possible to adjust Parking mode detection somehow? Like, if car has been moving at 0-2km/h for 12 hours, you would assume it's parked and not really moving. Some 5km/h limit would work and cause no other issues.

- Or, can I somehow command the camera to enter Parking mode with some API command? I already have Python script that downloads the videos to my local server when camera is detected in my WiFi, it would be easy to add a command that forces parking mode when camera has been connected to Wifi for 15 minutes for example..




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    Matthew Carmody

    Any help lowering the movement detection sensitivity - presumably there is no external movement in the garage.

    If you want to watch your car overnight I'd use an IP camera in the garage. I do - and I see images of magpies. tom cats and possums.

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