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Parking Mode On / Off several times when Parking. ?

Hi Guy’s, DR900x Plus, brand new, latest firmware and hard wired to fuse box. After driving I switch the ignition off and get the “Parking Mode On” message. However it then says “Parking Mode Off” and swaps back and forth between on and off 4 or 5 times before settling at “Parking Mode On”. I have read where people have had this whilst driving but not whilst parked. Can anyone shed light on the cause please?

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    Darren Grimsey

    I am getting the same when I start the car.   My DR970X-2CH says "Parking mode off ... Parking mode on ... Parking mode off" as soon as I press the button to start the car.    It is also very fast to say "Parking Mode On" when I turn the car off (as soon as I hit the button to turn the car off it says "Parking mode on", compared to my previous 750S model which used to wait for a period of time and then enter parking mode.

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