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B124X usb power always on?

Only showing a usb icon on the app when a device is plugged in, but no consumption or time remaining. If battery set to go off and shuts power to cam due to time limit, does the USB port shut down, and if not can the USB device drain the B124X to dead?


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    Zoltan Mohos

    One of my 124X has a mobile hotspot on the USB port. I installed it 4 days ago, I have not been under the seat since. Last night I wanted to test the battery, so I removed the dashcam. The battery remained 100% with an out current of 0.0A for many hours. So, it seems that it did not charge the hotspot while the camera was disconnected. But the hotspot is still working. I checked the car an hour ago.

    I will check this evening if the hotspot charges while the camera is off. And I try the USB port with a heater or lamp to see how it drains the battery.

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    Zoltan Mohos

    I tested it last night.

    • Yes, the USB is always on.
    • And the output current does not show the USB port, only the current that the dashcam draws!!!!!!!!!
    • Accordingly, the calculation of the time remaining is incorrect!!!!!!!
    • I only tested these things for a few hours, so the battery did not die, but I am sure it can eat up the whole battery.
    • Just like the dashcam. There is even a feature in the battery to override the time out set in the camera.
    • But I don't think it is a problem that the battery can run dry. This battery is meant to work as long as it can, and it does not need to start your car's engine, so let it die.
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