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Ability to have proximity sensor disable parking mode

It would be great if you could introduce an option into the settings in order to have the proximity sensor disable parking mode (when the camera is in parking mode) as a one off until the camera restarts. This would be very helpful in saving the battery. I have installed the Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124X) and unfortunately I do not drive long enough to and from work during the weekdays to adequately charge it. This is only the case because the camera is recording all night while my car is parked in the garage. I have set the timer to 12-hours which is what I'd like to leave it at for time when I am parked elsewhere for long periods. If there was a way for the proximity sensor to be set to disable parking mode as a one off this would enable me to easily disable parking mode when I park the car in the garage at home meaning the battery would maintain sufficient charge for use when I'm elsewhere.

Thank you for your consideration.

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