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Why does it exist?

This so-called Help Centre appears to be nothing more than somewhere disgruntled users can air theire grievances, with zero chance of getting any resolution!

And because it's under the BlackVue "banner" it remains hidden from the general public.

Far better to post all grievances in more public social media circles, like Twitter & Google reviews. That way Blackvue can't hide their rubbish!

I for one won't be wasting time looking for answers here.



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    Fernando Park

    The lack of support on this forum is really alarming. If I knew this ahead of time, I would not have bought their dashcams but now it's too late. I only hope that the dash cam serves its purpose and that I don't have to rely on their support. 

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    Shagufta Shamid

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    Philip Simmons

    Developing, I have no doubt. If I had known how bad their dashcams were, I would have bought the backrooms one.

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